16/12/2024 This is the second time I have found a bunch of bananas where they shouldn't be!

27/07/2023 I was just leaving my house to go to work around 5 am when I stumbled upon a large potato, sat by itself, in my front garden. Why it was there? I do not know, all I know is that I wished it my best and set off to work. 

I graduated with First Class Honours!! I am so incredibly proud of myself and am more than ready to jump right into the industry. As someone who struggled with the education system growing up, I am so pleased that the creative field has allowed me to achieve degree level in something that I am passionate about.

This wonderful cafe strives to help local artists by letting them display their work in the venue. It is a great community hub and I recommend everyone check it out. Thank you Byfleet Art Cafe for displaying some of my work!

07/06/2023 I displayed my work at my university grad show to celebrate the end of my degree. I am very proud of the work that I created, you can read more about it here.

28/05/2023 On a walk around Edinburgh, I found two items that fit into my That doesn't Belong There category. The first being half a satsuma. I was rather peckish at the the time so it was very tempting. Thought best not as it was next to a busker, perhaps it was his. 

The second item was stone cold evidence that Harry Styles was playing at Murryfield arena the night before. The entire city was covered in colourful feathers, like some kind of dirty parrot.

18/05/2023 look at this bag. I didn't want to touch it for very obvious reasons but from an outside perspective it contains two cigarette butts, a size 12 commercial hanger bead along with a paper tag and some other unknown plastic. I wonder what this is for, perhaps it's a gift.

05/05/2023 Found this mug outside my university. It's still got the dregs left, I was tempted to drink it to check if it was tea or coffee.

I spent the day with Ellis Emmerson helping them screen print tote bags for a craft fair. I was on the production line, helping line up the bags for printing and just making sure we always had fun things to chat about. If you Like Ellis' design you can see more on their website ellisemmerson.co.uk

(I take no credit for this design, all made by the wonderful Ellis, I was just there for moral support and bag organisation!)

23/04/2023 Went on a walk to my local Home Bargains and stumbled across this fork with a red handle in the alley way. Why is it here? Who has lost it? What were they eating in this dingy alley way?

Betty Was as Long as the Kitchen After writing my first children's story in January 2022, i finally got round to illustrating it to go with a university brief. The story is about a little girl named Betty who wants to be a different size. I am still working on the illustrations but so far I am very pleased with the way it is going. 

The Remedist - Daisy Beau Following a live brief by singer/song writer, Daisy Beau, to create an album cover to go with her new music. The album was about self love and self help so I decided to use the imagery of Daisy brushing her teeth to symbolise this. Painted using Gouache 

Character Betty I loved playing around with the colours and textures to create my character, using real denim and knit to make her clothes.

The Newstatesman This brief was difficult as it challenged my editorial illustration skills but it worked out well in the end. Working with a Graphic Designer, I illustrated a magazine cover to portray climate change. I did this by scanning in lots of paper textures and creating a digital collage

Leaves on a Lake The Bush Hotel in Farnham asked us to create artwork for them to display. I created a Farnham themed crochet tapestry piece, inspired by the leaves that had fallen onto the lake in Gostrey meadow

I attended an online workshop with author/illustrator Claire Alexander in which she taught us how to create papercut children's book characters. This was a great event hosted by the Association of Illustrators

Fish Divorce Made originally as a research piece for my Do Fish Feel Love Project, this piece quickly turned into one of my favourites. It depicts a freshly divorced fish using Indian Ink

I Can Read This is a project based on my experiences as a dyslexic person. I also made my own, easy read typeface to go along with it. This was made for an exhibition at uni (in which I also designed each name plaque) I painted these pieces using Indian ink, they were fun to develop as I got to discuss the more humorous side of this condition

Madeline We were tasked with modernising the classic children's illustrations for the book Madeline. My main issue with classic illustration is that it is never diverse so I decided to make my version of a modern day school child. I had a lot of fun developing this and it really taught me the best ways to start character design.

Promotion Poster I was asked to make a poster exploring the artistic field that I am most passionate about, that being Children's Illustration. For this I used a quote from Karen Sands O'Connor and experiemented with gouache paintings on a digitally rendered background.

Cat Stamps These pretend stamps were created for the same narrative project about the Egyptian statue of a cat that was stolen by Gayer-Anderson. He really should have put it back where he found it 🤷‍♀️

A Sense of Place My Primary school shut down in 2008 and was then demolished in 2018. Here are some children's shirts I printed on and pinned to the fence in protest. Read more about it here.


Lino Print I created this lino print as an experiment for a narrative project at uni. I love the process of lino cutting, very therapeutic.

Plimsolls inspired by the nostalgia of primary school, this plimsoll animation (seen again on my portfolio page) was made by scanning in a series of quick pen drawings

School Shoes Again, inspired by the nostalgia of primary school, this small glass ink pen drawing depicts all the styles of shoe I remember my class mates wearing.

What can you do with an empty space? When presented with this question my first idea was to throw jelly around, so that is what I did. See the full video here.

What counts as a canvas? Another outcome for this project was using my own legs as a surface for my art. I used face paint to draw fun people all over them and then subsequently, stain my legs.

What counts as a canvas? I came up with the idea for the project, What Counts as a Canvas? in which I explored lots of different surfaces to illustrate on, this being my final piece. An old dining room chair inscribed with all the rules that have to be followed if you wish to sit on it (inspired by my mothers insane rules about the fancy chair in the living room). This chair is still used today as my desk chair, I even sit on art to create art.

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